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walmart 2006 shot guns?

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Does anyone know what new shotguns walmart will carry in 2006?

I hope there is going to be a better selection
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remington870 said:
It says how they are mean to there employees (who don't have to work there). How they don't want unions in there stores. Sexual descrimination. This is just a small part of what they say but personaly I don't give a damn what the articles say stuff is cheaper so I shop there.
If we based our decisions of where to shop on articles like those, we would be in quite a bind. If you look, you could find articles like that about any major chain of stores or major corporation. Of course Wal-Mart doesn't want unions in their stores. Look what the unions have done to the airline industry. They will put their employers out of business rather than do what makes sense to keep the jobs that their members currently have. The usefullness of unions in the US ran out a long time ago. I agree that they were very useful in the past, but the state of employment today does not require a union. When it comes down to it, a union's long term contracts with employers very often put employees at a disadvantage by not allowing them to negotiate based on the individual merits of each employee.
1 - 1 of 98 Posts
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