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walmart 2006 shot guns?

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Does anyone know what new shotguns walmart will carry in 2006?

I hope there is going to be a better selection
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The problem with around here, we only have one gun store close and one other 60+ miles away.

We have to rely on Wal-mart for nearly everything. I try to buy what I can from the gun store, but I'm not going to pay $10 more for a box of shotgun shells, it just doesn't make sense.

I agree with what everyone says about the folks at Wal-Mart not knowing which end is a muzzle, our local one is terrible.

It's really all we got though.

ron73644 said:
jhendri2 is a Southwestern Oklahoma person and he knows where I'm coming from about having to buy at Walmart. I also bet he knows where Hollis and Elk City are. :) :)
I know exactly where Elk City and Hollis are! I am stationed at Altus AFB. Plan on retiring here.

1 - 2 of 98 Posts
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