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walmart 2006 shot guns?

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Does anyone know what new shotguns walmart will carry in 2006?

I hope there is going to be a better selection
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What a dillema...

Buy a firearm from Wal-Mart where they fire employees for saying "Merry Christmas" instead of "Happy Holidays" and where the mis-treat employees?

Or do I go to the "mom and pop" store where they overcharge and mark everything up and don't give a new customer the time of day?

toivo said:
hardnose said:
I LOVE Walmart and I don't shop there. I bought 20 blocks of Walmart stock 10 years ago!!!!!

Most Walmart/Kmart/Whatevermart bashers are absolute hipocrites. Everyone price shops and anyone who doesn't is simply an idiot. I price shop everything I buy and I buy it right here over this keyboard and it's delivered to the door. Ya'll need a lesson in Capitalism and stop trying to lean toward Socialism.
Let's see... You love Walmart but you don't shop there.
Beleive it or not... Not every town has a Wal-Mart. I work in a very small town and they are almost finished building our new SuperCenter and the nearest Wal-Mart is 35 minutes away. :wink:
I alawys here poeple complaining about the lack of knowledge at Wal-Mart about shotguns. If YOU have a lack of knowledge about shotguns then you aren't spending enough time and!

1 - 3 of 98 Posts
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