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I feel like an idiot for asking but I have to...

Don't flame me too hard.

How the heck do I clean this thing properly? I'm the first since my grandpa to own a shotgun other than an 870 Wingmaster my dad got in trade for a .357. I never got a gun cleaning lesson from my old man and a lot of the terminology and pictures in the manual are deceiving and don't really help me much.

I (over) oiled it when I first put it together (I can tell because there is oil seeping out onto the forearm and from a tiny hole on the back of the receiver.

I want to take it apart and give it a good thorough and educated cleaning but I lack basic knowledge.

How "apart" should I take it?

How does one take it apart to that extent? (whatever it be)

I read about some 0000 Steel Wool and a wooden dowel for polishing the inside of the receiver - would somebody clarify that process and how necessary it is?

Basically, I need "A complete idiot's guide to cleaning a Beretta 390"

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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The "sticky" on disassembly may help you, even though it addresses the 391. The 390 and 391 are very similar, the biggest differences being in the gas valve.

I believe what you heard about steel wool and a dowel was talking about cleaning or polishing the bore and/or chamber, not the receiver. If there are deposits of lead and/or plastic in the bore, a little 0000 steel wool wrapped around a brass cleaning brush will help remove it, especially if you chuck the rod in a drill. Depending on what kind of ammo you use, you might not need to do that.

For routine cleaning, you need to remove the barrel, bolt, and trigger group.
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