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Virginian said:
Wal-Mart is not the problem. They are just doing what makes money. If Americans cared where stuff was made, they would too. All we have done is prove that cost is #1.
It's the politicians. The really big money makes even more by moving production offshore while putting America out of business. The really big money, from both parties, is what get politicians elected.
And in the end, it's our fault for being too lazy and too content to care until after the North American Free Trade Agreement fired what may have been the kill shot. Everybody talks about when the economy improves; I don't know that it can. What's to drive it? We don't make much to sell anywhere. Gonna be tuff to maintain our standard of living cutting each other's grass and selling each other MacDonald's hamburgers.
Well said. I've preached this for years but few listen. Even fewer actually care.
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