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Who shops at Walmart? Millions and millions and millions of people!
Yeah, a lot of the same ones that cry the loudest about jobs going overseas, businesses closing here, poor benefits with the jobs that do remain here, etc, etc.

Let them continue to shop there, and then remind them of WHY the jobs are going to China, and WHY the smaller stores can't compete and have to close. (Hint, turn over just about any package in a Wal-Mart, and see where it is from. I think practiacally EVERYTHING with the Wal-Mart brand or made for Wal-Mart is from China....).

Anybody ever hear the term "the Wal-Mart-inisation of America"? Think about it.

I can't stand Wal-Mart and what they represent. Haven't been in one for years. I'll gladly pay more at whatever local business still remains down the street.

Sorry, political rant over. :oops:
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