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Want to start RELOADING but need help

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just got my new browning bps hunter 12 gauge shotgun. Also joined a gun club with skeet and trap ranges. I have started to save my Remington STS target load hulls along with some Remington All Purpose (black hulls) loads. Once i get a good amount of them i am going to buy a reloader. THinking of a MEC 600 Jr Mark 5 or a MEC Sizemaster. Anyone have any suggestions? I plan on using Hodgdons clay powder, 1 ounce shot weight, remington wads, and remington primers.
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The size master cost about the same as a 600 jr + a primer feeder and comes with the primer feeder, but has a better way of resizing A collet type resizer that squeezes the base The 600 jr's resizer is a ring that is forced down over the base, and some times hangs up on the edge of the base and destroys the hull.

For 1 oz loads Hodgdon Titewad powder is cheaper per pound than Clays, and you use less per load, and is just as clean.

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