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Ward's Western Field 60 (Stevens 620-A)

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Found this old fellow on Gunbroker a few weeks ago. My Dad's Sears "Ranger" branded Hunter Fulton was his favorite gun, so I've got a soft spot for old re-branded guns, and was browsing Ranger, Higgins, and Western Field, and this old Stevens popped up.
Grille Wood Bumper Automotive exterior Hood

Wood Automotive exterior Bumper Eye glass accessory Tints and shades

It's a 30" Full. The overall condition looked good, and the vent rib, resembling what I've often seen on old Trap Model 12's, caught my attention. Searching online, I couldn't find any other Stevens with a similar rib. So, I suspected it wasn't original, but it looked professionally done, reminding me of the Simmons ribs I've seen, so I figured with a shooter's grade price of $225, it looked like a good buy.

So, it turns out it IS a Simmons rib, and it appears they did a nice reblue in the process. The wood is rather naked at present, but should look great after the Tru-Oil treatment. There's no looseness in the takedown joint, the action is smooth and tight, trigger breaks nicely, and the height of the comb actually works pretty well with the rib. And its "Western Field" pad is still surprisingly useable.

I only shot one round from 16 at dusk the other evening, but it was grinding up the bio White Flyers when I was on them. It should be a good partner for nostalgia trap shoots, as long as the match director doesn't mind that it's a gun not likely to be on their list.
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