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A middle aged woman decides to have cosmetic surgery to neaten and tuck things downstairs.

She saves her money for three years and finally undergoes the procedure.

She wakes up in her hospital bed after surgery, feeling a little groggy fron the anasthetic. She see's three red roses at the foot of her bed.

Confused, she asks the nurse who the flowers are from.

"The first rose is from the surgeon. He was so pleased with the operation, and said you were a model patient he just wanted to say thankyou."

"Oh thats lovely" said the lady. "Who's the next one from?'

The Nurse replied "The second is from your Husband. He cant wait to get you home to enjoy a full and active sex life again."

"Thats fantastic" the lady said. "So who sent the last rose?"

The Nurse picked up a clipboard, and lifted her glasses to read.

"The last rose is from Eric in the burns unit. He wanted to say thankyou for the new ears."
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