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Just got home from roading my hunting dogs and noticed the birds are flying overhead. Several hours ago when I left you could hear large numbers. I am not a waterfowl hunter but presume this means they are on the move with the cold front and probably a good thing??
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Thanks for the info. :) It appears they are seeing good numbers of northern mallards in the basin already. I think with this wind pushing south for the last couple of days this weekend will be the push we have been waiting for. :) I'm chasing tail feathers Saturday morning and then with any luck will be duck hunting the rest of the weekend.

Reports of a major goose push from all over Nebraska. Even some snow geese moving into central and southern areas. Might be the perfect weekend for a cut corn field setup.

Keep the updates coming. Nothing better then information being passed around about movement of waterfowl.
Kanada - Thanks for the info. Keep us posted on what's on the move. We are going to hit them Sunday morning on the marsh and with any luck there should be boat loads of new birds in my area.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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