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i enjoyed this thread very much, and my reaction is: "what do u do after u have mistakenly sprayed WD-40 into ur trigger housing?

i wish i had read this discussion before i cleaned and lubed my M37 with wd-40 (it was really poorly stored by the one who gave it to me, heck, even the safty in the trigger guard was so rusty that i had to use a hammer to free it after lubrication).

so what do i do now that the oil is "inside the trigger housing"?

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If the gun is in the kind of shapre you describe, it really needs a complete disassembly, cleaning, and lubricating. If you're not up to it (and the 37 is fairly complicated) take it to a gunsmith to be done.

At the very least, remove the wood and spray out the innards with some gun scrubber or similar degreasing solvent. Then relube it. Use CLP or a good quality gun oil (non-gumming)... don't use household oil, as it will eventually evaporate, leaving a gummy grease residue.

Then put the WD-40 can out in the garage for use on lawn mowers and stuff like that. If you want to see what becomes of WD-40, take a flat piece of clean steel, or a small pane of glass and spray one side with WD-40. Let it dry for a couple days and see what's left on the plate.
Don't lose any sleep over it. It's far from being the dumbest thing ever done to a gun. (This is the voice of experience talking.) :lol:

Just flush out the WD40 with a good solvent. Personally, I would use mineral spirits or kerosene for the job. Afterward, let the solvent dry (drip dry and evaporate). Then lubricate lightly with a lightweight gun oil. I would recommend Breakfree CLP. Happy shooting.
go get you a nice bucket of CLP and take the trigger group for a nice dip.....

On second thought, I'd probably spend the $40 bucks and have my local gunsmith strip it apart and see if any parts need replacing while he's cleaning it.
thanks for all ur inputs! should i then buy the expensive solvent brants or settle for an "equally" effective solvent like kerosene?
What did I miss about WD-40??? I know it is a penetrating oil and can get into unsealed primers (heck sealed as well) but why is it so bad???
I agree many others are better but I always remember the ads that said WD-40 was used in the bluing process (or its chemicals were) and that it was safe until you could get your hands on the good stuff...since most everyone has WD-40 laying around (several cans)

I field stripped my 37 last night half-way. The trigger housing group is intact, so my question is should I further disassemble it?

I mean should I take it apart further and dip it in a solvent like kerosene?

How bad did it look? If it didn't look too bad just spray the trigger area with a very small bit of oil.
Do NOT disassemble the trigger assembly. You might have trouble getting all the little pins and springs back in place.

I think you are making too big a fuss over this WD40 issue. It's not like the gun is ruined because you sprayed WD40 on it one time. You probably didn't hurt anything at all. WD40 is not recommended as a good long term lubricant because it does tend to gum up after many applications over a long period of time, but in spite of that, many people us it to clean and lubricate their guns.

I really wouldn't worry about it. If you can rinse the parts with some solvent, then that would be fine. Then lubricate lightly with a good lightweight gun oil and the gun is ready to go. No harm, no foul. :lol:
From what you said in the beginning I'd still take it to a smith and have him look it over for worn parts. I wouldn't put a dab of breakfree, I'd soak the dang thing in it. Then I'd get my handy-dandy dental tools out and go thru every nook and cranny and make sure some CLP got down in there and I cleaned it out.

Just me and my 6 years of military talking, but a clean weapon is a happy weapon.
Guys, the entire trigger assembly, after being soaked in kerosene all night long, shows about 2 or 3 inner parts with prominent display of rusting.

How bad is this? Wel, since i'm too careful not to take the whole darn thing apart, I have no choice but to take it to a smith for expert disassembly.

Unless I do it myself, I won't be able to reach those nooks and crannies that are already in a state of rusting.

Thanks for your input! You guys really boosted my morale...keep it coming! Good shooting!


P.S. I don't think WD-40 is an issue at this stage, anymore. How to reach the rusted inner pieces is.
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