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Now with the Perntagon and the CIA admitting that there wasnt really enough evidence of WMDs in Iraq to justify war for the protection of the Universe from evil Saddam (ok, he is evil) has the US/UK invaded a country under false prettences with the sole reason of stealing their oil?

E.g., a group of vigilantes gather outside your house because they claim you have illegal shotguns, come in destroy your house dont find any illegal guns, but steal your money to rebuilt your house, for their own use.

The people of Iraq do not appear any happier, and there is still killing taking place on a daily basis(4 US soldiers died yesterday), Saddam has not been found no WMDs have been found but on the plus side a lot of new contracts have been given to President Bushs friends (and taken away from the French, the US arch enemy) and CNN, has been shown to bent the odd truth a bit (see previous topics).

1The Middle east road map has failled (rejected by hamash), so the arabs got nothing again.
2. Amnesty international has accused the US because the war against terrorism is causing more terrorism than ever.
3. Al Guida is as strong as ever, despite flattening Agfanistan.

Now with the rallying behind troops feeling over, since most have returned back a lot of questions need to be answered. I seem to think that the only weapon of mass destruction is a certain presidents brain.

Unhappy?, unimpressed? Depressed?, holding upopular views (in the US)? You bet I am.

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People are still failing to see the big picture, that the congress was mislead, and that the war was all about economics, getting money in the US and making the americans forget of any money worries they had.

A chemistry lab and some masks as well as CIA statements (how believable can they be? like CNN and FOX?) do not justify a war. I said it before, if Saddam was the problem get saddam not all his people.

As a sidenote I believe that Saddam and Bin ladden will not be caught, intentionally, since as long as they are out there the people will agree with the war against terrorism policy.

1) Who are the "arabs" you speak of?
2) Big whoop, the UN told us to disarm our citizens so what? Amnesty international can say whatever they want, who cares?
3) Yeah I can tell by all the skyscrapers that have fallen since we bomb them.
1.The main reason all the arab countries controlled their people and stopped them from protesting was through promissing them that the palestinians will get their freedom. I know most people will assume any arab is a terrorist but thats not allways true. The arabs are the gulf war countries, the opec countries etc. (the Arab leaque)

2. The UN, and amnesty international seem to be quite popular when people want to use them to invade countries but they are quite happy to say "who cares" when they blame pro american regimes like turkey.
Amnesty international said that more people are now dying in the 'liberated' countries now than before they were liberated. Considering the US went in to liberate them the US SHOULD care about what happens to them, but as its obvious by your statement the wars just took place for money and land rather than for people. Who cares if a few thousand people die?...not Gordonsetter.

3. Unless I'm mistaken Al Guida did not blow up a new set of towers each year. Just because they have not done anything big, in the US, lately does not mean that the war on Terrorism is over.

And on missinformation: The Defence minister hiomself said that the contracts would go to US companies, just after the end of the neverending war. Maybe he was misinformed as well.

There are a lot more serious problems than chassing Saddam, try korea who HAS nukes.

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Gordon you said:
Big whoop, the UN told us to disarm our citizens so what? Amnesty international can say whatever they want, who cares?
Amnesty international is the worlds only totally independent human rights organisation.

They say people are dying because of the war. GS, you say 'who cares'. I care, you dont seem to.

As long as you stick by your statement, then people will get the wrong view, as you claim, of your beliefs. If you clarify it it might be more obvious to us lesser mortals.

As for the UN being used a few months ago the US was claiming that because of the UN resolution before the first gulf war justified the second. Bush/Powel said it, not me.

Of course Arab governments make their people suffer, that was a big issue some time ago, whether western Democracy would suit the arabs who are used in a differnt way, and most of them seem happy with it.

In BC times, the area of palestine was Jewish, then after the Islamist empires took power of the region it became muslim, then in the end of the 2nd world war the area of palestine was given to the Jews as repayment for their suffering. The jews dont recognise the Arab nations and vice versa.

They both appear to be right, but the US sweetalked the Arab leaque, promising , as it has been done many times, to sort the issue out...and nothing happenned again.

The French, UN, AI, and Germany did not risk anything in this war and therefore get no benefit that may come down the road, nor do they share in the expense that we are incurring now.
You are wrong, the US is trying/succeding to get the whole world to pay for the rebuilt, to pay US companies for the rebuilt that is. Just look at all the charity events throughout the world in aid of the Iraqies.
You will find a US ambassador attending them all.

If you look outside the US you will see that all the Islamist Terrorist groups are at their usuall level of activity.

Let me finish by saying I have no problem against Gordonsetter but I enjoy discussing with people about various topics.
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