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How do you account for the 2 chemical weapons labs found 2 months ago? How about the nuke lab a few weeks ago? How about the torture chambers that won't be used again? Hear about the man who spoke out against Saddam and had to spend 20 years hiding in the wall af his mother house? How about the billions of US $$ Saddam stashed instead of using to help the starving people of Iraq? How about the fact that he used the oil for food program to finance weapons purchases? Did you know only three years ago the CIA pretended to be former soviet agents and sold Saddam some fake plutonium? How about the fact that chemical Ali murdered thousands testing weapons?

I admit we did not find any weapons yet. We found labs, torture devices, bodies, money, Saddam tried to buy plutonium ..... come on! If you can't see that he needed to be drop kicked then you need to take a class on "how to spot the obvious". I know I'm being sarcastic but this is really annoying me! The WMD argument got us the in we needed to get the job done! Frankly if Bush came on TV and said "Saddam is a madman killing his people and we're gonna go kick his butt for it!" I would have said go for it. Most of America would not. Did Bush use the WMD argument to start a war when there was no basis? 2 things:
1) War with Iraq was declared 8 years ago by the 1st president Bush. This means W. Bush did not need to start a war, it was there already. No treaty ending the war was ever signed.
2) The U.S. has known for years that Saddam has been trying to built WMD. Heck our own CIA sold him fake materials just to prove it to Clinton. If you think we should have waited until the weapons were built before we attacked then you need to take a step back and realize what that would have meant. Saddam with the ability to kill millions in a second if we looked at him funny. That don't sound good to me!

Bush's friends rebuilding Iraq and the French left out? Ok this is a statement made do to misinformation or more precisely not all the information. The company that got the contract to rebuild Iraq is a company that has done this type of work hundreds of times in the past. They rebuilds after wars, disasters and emergencies. They got the deal because they are the best. If you are friends with the best carpenter in the biz and your mom needs a new counter, who you gonna recommend? You gonna tell your mom "well Joe is the best man for the job but you should use someone from out of town so the other carpenters don't think we're playing favorites." Heck no, you'll call Joe and tell him to get to work on tuesday! Should Joe be punished because he is my friend? I don't think so. Why should we care if France was in on the rebuild? They put nothing at risk during this war why should they reap any benefit, especially if they are not the most qualified to do the work?

The people in Iraq do not appear any happier? Compared to when? Did you ever see a person from Iraq who wasn't happy before the war? Think about it ... you never saw an unhappy person in Iraq before we got there! Do you think this means they lived in joy or do you think they knew they would be killed if they looked unhappy?

To use your house analogy you would also have to have some people locked in the basement that you beat, rape, starved and kill on a regular basis. Then the ones that come for your guns would need to let them out of the basement so they could help rebuild the house that they will live in. Then they would need to bring in a bunch of food and aid to the people you kept locked in your basement.

1The Middle east road map has failled (rejected by hamash), so the arabs got nothing again.
2. Amnesty international has accused the US because the war against terrorism is causing more terrorism than ever.
3. Al Guida is as strong as ever, despite flattening Agfanistan.
Is any of that fact? It looks like opinion.
1) Who are the "arabs" you speak of?
2) Big whoop, the UN told us to disarm our citizens so what? Amnesty international can say whatever they want, who cares?
3) Yeah I can tell by all the skyscrapers that have fallen since we bomb them.

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Who cares if a few thousand people die?...not Gordonsetter.
First off how dare you presume to know anything about who I care about. You do not know my personal thoughts and feelings by misinterpreting my post here. You do not make a personal statement against me again. Nowhere in my post did I make any statement that supported your lying personal attack against me. Retract (not edit) your statement sir!
As far a congress being mislead you must think that all your elected officials are idiots and Bush is a brilliant mastermind. I don't buy it. Ever person in our government looked at this war and said "Yes, Saddam must go, and here we can liberate a country in the process." As far as the money thing, um what money are you talking about? The billions in aid we are GIVING the Iraqi people? The billions we SPENT on military hardware and personal? The billions we are SPENDING to rebuild? I don't see a lot coming in, do you? Oil prices are going up so that's not it. There is a natural gas shortage so that's not it. Where is all this money we are making off the war?
You don't believe the CIA, FOX or CNN. I don't blame you. I don't either! The trick is to take all the information presented by as many sources as possible and sift the truth out. Truth will be obvious once you start to look at the information sources as a whole. Do not take a bit of information that you heard or read somewhere and regurgitate it, that will not make it fact.
A mobile chemical laboratory with most of the chemicals needed to make chemical weapons painted camo, netted and half buried in the desert is not like some high school chemistry lab! Thousands of gas masks and chemical exposure suits is not "some" gas masks. What do you think these items were for? Do you think we should have waited to find out? Do you think we should have waited until Saddam unleashed WMD on innocents before we stepped in? I for one am glad we stepped in before Saddam got these weapons fully operational.
As far a Saddam and Ladden being caught: Believe what you want. It would be in Bush's best interest to capture these men. With an election year coming up it would only boost his popularity to deliver what the people want. It would not make sense for him to purposely fail at an objective this public and measurable.
The main reason all the arab countries controlled their people and stopped them from protesting was through promissing them that the palestinians will get their freedom.
So you admit (and generalize) that "arab" governments suppress their people. You also are under the assumption that Palestinians are not an invading force in Israel and they have a right to take part of Israel for their own. That is another topic but if you look at the history of the war between Israel and the Palestinians you will see that Israel was there first and the Palestinians want to wipe Israel off the map. Ever see an official Palestinian map? Israel is renamed Palestine. I also have never before heard the Palestinian argument used to explain the repression of people in Iraq and Afghanistan. I would like some more clarity on how that works.
The UN, and amnesty international seem to be quite popular when people want to use them to invade countries
Um last I check the UN was against this action from the get go. So that argument of the UN and AI being popular to invade is a null point in this argument. If we had actually used the UN to invade then you could make this argument, but we didn't. The US government said the same thing I did "Who cares about the UN? Not Us" see that is the statement of a free, sovereign nation that knows right from wrong. Saddam was wrong and I dare any sane person to say otherwise.

Considering the US went in to liberate them the US SHOULD care about what happens to them,
Again look at the billions in aid we are providing. Look at the rebuilding effort the US is heading. What was the first ship brought in when it was safe? An aid ship. How can you say the US isn't taking care of the people after the liberation. I suppose we are taking all of that money and spending it out at area 51 and those ships of aid and trucks delivering food you see on the news are trick photography? I don't think so.

but as its obvious by your statement the wars just took place for money and land rather than for people.
The war was about ending a regime of evil before that evil could do more harm. Liberating the people under that regime was a major benefit. Please tell me where in anything I said I made it obvious that we are in it for the money (which no one can seem to locate) or land. If by "in it for the people" you mean that we were there to keep Saddam from testing weapons on them and from killing innocents when he decided to show the world how strong he was then yes we are there for the people. Again we are spending billions right now on Iraq, there is no money, deeds, or land rights coming back in to our bank accounts.

Unless I'm mistaken Al Guida did not blow up a new set of towers each year. Just because they have not done anything big, in the US, lately does not mean that the war on Terrorism is over.
Who said the war on terror was over? If you actually read what you wrote you said that Al-Qaeda is as strong as ever. I illustrated that they are not as strong as ever. At their strongest they murdered thousands by destroying the WTC. How you get "the war on terror is over" from that I don't know. Al-Qaeda is broken and weaker now than when they attacked us they are not as strong as ever!

The Defence minister hiomself said that the contracts would go to US companies, just after the end of the neverending war. Maybe he was misinformed as well.
Again go back and read what I wrote. Nobody is arguing that the contracts are not going to US companies. I was arguing why they went to the companies they went to. You tried to make it sound like these companies only got the job because they're friends with Bush. I let you know these companies stood on their own. Go back and read it again.

Lets look at fact that can not be changed:
Saddam is evil
Saddam is not longer in a position to kill millions
Iraq is getting aid
The US is spending billions on Iraq
Gas prices are up
The French, UN, AI, and Germany did not risk anything in this war and therefore get no benefit that may come down the road, nor do they share in the expense that we are incurring now.
Any financial benefit we get from this war in the next 50 years will just be enough to cover debt we acquired liberating, aiding and rebuilding Iraq

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I don't care what AI has to say. They are as much a political orginization as CNN, Bardy, or even the NRA. AI is not an almighty rightous group that will do no wrong. They have thier political views like any other orginization and like any political group they will skew the facts to suit thier needs. I stand by my statement that I do not care what AI says! I do care about human rights and suffering. I do not think finger pointing and skewing facts will have any positive effect on the situation. AI has no solid facts about the quality of life while Saddam was in power because he altered the facts to make him look good. They only know what is happening now. Nobody can honestly claim Iraqi's were better off with Saddam. I can not claim they are better with us either. What I can show is that the state of Iraq is improving since we went in. In large there is more food, medical aid and clothing since we went in. If all of these things were to be had before we went in where did they go before we got there?

The UN resolution that the US signed and swore to uphold was used. The UN itself was not. The US by signing the resolution said "We will punish you if you do not follow this". We kept our promise. Our honor and word are more important to us than the money that France and Germany have been taking from Iraq.
Israel is sitting at the table to talk. Israel is not sending women and children to bomb anyone expecially inocent bystanders. The Palestinians on the other hand are not willing to talk and are bombing. Excuse US for taking the side of the rightous. You can not reconise a "state" that won't talk to you and only wants to kill you.

The US goverment has not orginized any fund raising in forien lands to rebuild Iraq. A represenitive of our goverment is at these functions to show support and graditude for the generosity of the people trying to help. The US has yet to come out and say "Give us money" but we also have yet to refuse any help that is volunteered. We would be fools to do that.

I do not disagree that terism in general is at the same level on the planet. The fact is that terrism is in a decline in the US and the UK. This shows that the terrist are not as strong as they were. It's like the bully that kicks the big kid on the plyground. The big kid finds the bully and kicks back. Then the bully hides and only cones out to kick the little kids, would you say that bully is as strong as ever? I would not.

I also have no issue with DKS. I simply do not like anyone telling me how I think or feel. I am the only person that knows that for sure. I can see how DKS could have been confussed about the who cares statment being about human right and not about what a political orginization says.
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