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I have a Weatherby Orion that I bought at a gun show about 10 years ago. It is 20 ga with 3" chamber and interchangable chokes. All it says on the barrell is Weatherby Orion. The receiver is blued has some modest engraving in the center and up by the lock. The serial # is GN02nnn.

Question 1: I'm assuming this is a Grade 1. Is that correct?

The gun is clean pretty clean overall. There is one small chip in the bluing on the thing that holds the barrels together. The bores do not appear to be rusted or pitted. The action is a bit loose. By loose I mean that when you open it, there is little resistance whereas with a new o/u it takes a bit of effort to break it open. If I open and try to wiggle the barrel from side to side, it is solid. Also, the gun has double-fired on me a few times but not consistently.

Question 2: I'm hoping to get $550 to $600 for it. Does that seem like a reasonable range? If not, what is reasonable?

Thanks for any info.

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