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Welcome to the NEW Forum!

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Welcome everyone,
Hope you like our new digs! We can't wait for you to move in!
Our new forum has many new features that we hope you like. We'll also be adding exciting new features, like a calendar and photo album very soon.
We've tried to move many of the posts from the old forum to this new one. If we missed one of your favorites then please copy and paste it into the appropriate forum. Post any suggestions or issues about the new forum. The old forum will remain visible for a couple more months, but posting will not be allowed. We really think you'll be happier with the newer forum. :D

Of note:
  • 1. You will need to register on this forum.
    2. Check out our new Avatars or choose your own.
    3. The 'auto login' may not work 100%...we're working on this.
    4. Check out the new Private Messaging feature. Staff
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Jay thank you for being so dedicated. You don't have to care so much about this sport, hobby and lifestyle. We know is not your full time job (yet) so you don't need to put all this effort forth. Yet you do! My hat is off to you sir.
Yeah Jay, as my Pa would say, "You doing alright boy." (thats means you the man in modern terms.)
Thanks ya'll. It gets to be a handful sometimes, but all I have to do is go back and read kind comments like yours here and in the Guest Book and it makes me happy I do it.
Thanks again,
Jay G.
Great job on the forum Jay I have made this place my second home.Thanks for warm welcome and great site.
Congratulation on the move to your new site.

I am a moderator on another gun site and we just did the same thing a few months ago. I know how much work has to be done to get a site like this set up and everyone moved.

Everything looks good. :D
Yessiree--This looks good to me...I did not post much on the previous forum...but find I am spending more and more time shotgunning and less time with rifles, now that our league is through its season...My best to you-and this forum...Chuck
:shock: make this ol'boy want to go out and buy a new monitor but ahlast, I'll have to do with a new shotgun.
gee wiz a bloke goes away for a week and look what happens :wink: .
seriously tho I like it.
I thought I was having a senior moment for awhile.I could not log in to my favorite site.Windows XP gets you real spoiled by saving all your user names and pass words for differtent sites you know.Thank you for all your hard work.May you live a long and happy life, and maybe make some big money along the way.I Just hope you don'tn give me any more senior moments the old ticker can't take them anymore.
I never posted on the old site, my first was here a few days ago. I enjoy the forum and have had a good many questions answered that I might have been embarassed to ask elswhere. The FAQ has helped with a few questions, and Rick gave me a few good laughs already. So, long story short, I like the forum, Thanks, Thomas.

I find myself spending more time on this site than I do on several other shotgun forums combined ; your choice of topics is durn good.

Well done ! !

6GT6 : Mobile
in the short time i have been here, this has become my favorite forum. keep up the good work :D
No Bad! J/K
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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