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My experience is limited. I do have a Browning Citori Lightning Sporting Clays Edition and a Beretta S682x trap gun. I like them both. The two little pins are not an issue, they are not really what locks up the gun, just what keeps it closed or locked up. The Browning has an underlug that keeps it closed and it too works well. I believe you would be hard pressed to wear out either one. I looked at 686s and 687s before I got my Browning and wasn't all that enfatuated with them. I do like the way the 682x trap gun works and feels. I asked the guys at Guns Unlimited what the difference between the 682s and the others really were, and they said, if I remember correctly, that the 682s are backbored and typicaly are the recievers used for the higher end Beretta line. Why?? I didn't think to ask. They must be better, they cost more!

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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