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I went to the local Gander Mountain today to handle the sporting clays O/U's and see what I liked. I have always liked Browning O/U's, I have Citori, and a GTI. But looking at the new 525's I am just not overly impressed. Dont get me wrong, I am sure they are great guns, but to me visually it does not look good. So I looked at the Beretta's. I like the 686 E Sporting, and the 682 Gold Sporting. They both fit me great, and look awsome to me.

Question one...the Beretta lock system is 2 pins that go into the barrel piece. Is this a good system, does it last as long as a Browning lock?

Question the 682 worth the extra money compared to the 686? As far as I could see, for the money you get better wood and back bored barrels.

Please enlighten me

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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