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What 2 3/4 ammo will the Charles Daly Maxi Mag cycle??

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I just purchase a new Charles Daly Maxi Mag semi-auto shotgun and I`m having trouble finding 2 3/4 shells it will cycle. I`m wondering if it will perform better when it is broke in better. I don`t expect it to cycle 7/8 oz. but it should cycle 3 1/4 1 1/8 shouldn`t it? Can someone that is familar with this gun help me out.
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The best way to find out is to try them all.
The Owner's Manual should tell you what ammo the gun is designed to function with. Be sure to give a new gun a good cleaning to remove the grease from the action and the gas system. Then lubricate all moving parts with a high quality gun oil such as Breakfree CLP or Rem Oil.
I have one also a year old. It will cycle 1oz loads to the heavyest 3.5.
Buy 2 boxes of 1 9/16oz 3.5s one box of 1 7/8 3" and invite some Buds over and burn threw them.
Tear the gun down and give it a good cleaning and lube job.
You then should be able to cycle 1 1/4oz with no problem with further break in you will be able to go lighter.
Hope you have better luck with your gun than I have had with mine. It is with out a dought fine shooting gun. But had to send mine back twice within a year.
I parked it and bought a SX2.

Good Luck.

Thanks for the replies! I`ve had alot of people look at the gun and all of them say that it needs breaking in. I haven`t shot any 3.5s in it yet and it`s getting better with me just using 3.25 dram with 1 1/8 shot . I feeling better about the gun.
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