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What are your lines of defense in your home?

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Well in my house (actually,townhome) It's a "This Property Patrolled and Protected by German Shepherd Security Co." sign on the front door.
Then past that it's an an 85 pound German Shepherd who is the friendliest dog you'll ever meet outside but in the house he goes in to "Guard mode" and past that I guess it would be me with my Benelli Nova loaded with high velocity 3.5'' steel BB goose shot. But I bet you tactical guys have laser trip-wires or some other extreme security system. :wink: Just kidding.
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Dead bolts, 17 rounds of Corbon 115 +p, and 6 of federal reduced recoil buck.... the rest is a secret 8)
I'm isolated in the woods about 800 feet off the road so I think my lines of defense are pretty important. Outside: two Black Labs and a Shepherd/Rotweiler, all three running free inside an invisible fence system, plus some rather bright yard lights, some of which are on motion detectors and some which I can control from inside the house. Inside: an electronic alarm system and -- much better -- a Lhasa Apso, 20 pounds of teeth and noise. Of course, I have to protect my dogs, so I have a Winchester 1300 Defender and a Stoeger 12 ga. Coach SxS, both with 00 buck. There may be a pistol or two as well, but I'm not telling.
In the past, I have relied on security by Smith & Wesson, but in recent years... well, see my signature below.
Brinks, Double barrel 12 *****, 2 12,guages, 20 *****, muzzle loader, 2 .22's, and some mysterious gun that just showed up one day.
Deadbolts, 3 dogs and a rehersed plan.
1) Nosy neighbors
2) Good deadbolts
3) ADT
4) Loud, ankle-hating dachshund with bad attitude
5) Cell phones in bedroom
6) Surefire GZ-2
7) Bear Repellent (jumbo size)
8) Rem 870 Youth 20Ga
9) Teeth & nails
A Remington 870.
It's the gun I use to defend my other guns from theives :arrow:
I suppose one of the AR's or Glocks might make for a better scene in a movie, but when it's go time in the real world, shottie gets the call up.
Not neccesarily in this order but:

Norinco 1201: 1-#8, 2-#6, 3-#1, 4-00Buck, 5-1oz. rifled slug
Ruger 10/22 w/ QuikShoks
M44 7.62x54R w/ 200 gr. Soft Points
Air Force Security Forces
2 Evil cats
My Wife (be afraid, very afraid)
I have most of this, but I will complete it next week. Front porch light and rear motion detector light. Dead bolt. German Shepherd/pit bull. Boarder Collie (not much of a protector). 46 total rounds of fire ranging from .22 caliber to .410 to .20 gauge ammunition.
I'm not sure how broad of an answer is really expected here for this question. I could go into greater detail of all of our non-firearms weapons as well, but that would really take me a while. I guess I'll just start with the outside and work my way in to where we sleep from out there, just to save time...
For the outside, we keep our porch lights on all night, as well as a pole light not far from our front door and walkway. We have an outside dog that lives by the back door, and a small inside dog to wake us up if someone might be prowling around the doors or windows or on the porch or something at night. We also lock our bedroom door at night. As far as the weapons we keep around us while we sleep, there's really kind of a lot I guess, but keep in mind- we have no kids, and both of us are experienced with our guns and fully responsible enoug to keep them all ready for action. ;) As for our guns, we keep my .45 above my head on our headboard with a back up magazine next to it, and also my Mossberg with 18 rounds (Mostly 00 buck shot, but also some slugs) in and on it alone (7 in the tube, 6 on the side saddle, and 5 on the butt cuff)...with a mounted light on the end. We also keep a .380 and a back up magazine above my wife's head on the headboard for her to use (she's most comfortable and experienced with this gun and it's light and fits her hand well), and a 410 hanging up in our walk in bedroom closet, just in case one or both of us ever had to retreat into there. Our closet also has a bunch of other weapons in it that I keep mounted on the wall on my side of the closet, and plenty of ammo for the shotguns, but only the one extra gun...
Back to the sleeping area- I also keep a 500,000 candlepower spot light on our head board to use to identify and/or blind someone with, should the need arise, a few larger fixed blade knives on my headboard (yes, our headboard has lots of "cubby holes" to stick stuff in...) a small maglite there, a set of Eskrima sticks under the bed on my side, a modified axe handle beside the bed on my side, a club/spear on my wife's side, and a dagger on her side as well.
If I have to get up and explore the house at night, I mostly always take my Mossberg with me. If I was to awake one night to someone trying to come in our bedroom door, I'd probably reach for the .45 and hopefully my wife would be able to reach for her pistol as well while I used the spot light with my free hand...
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Goodness, Phil! What kind of neighborhood do you live in?

Dave_T: Well, it's not really a bad neighborhood really... We do have some drug dealers next door, but other than that, it's not too bad. ;) They kind of keep to themselves but you never know. ha ha
I guess I kind of go by the motto "It's better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it."
That and what can I say, I like weapons...A LOT!! ;)
We're isolated, a 1/4 mile off the road at the end of a long really dark driveway. Motion sensor lights are good. 100 pound Shep on the floor, Ithaca 37 DS in the corner, Glock under the pillow, an open can of whupass for trespassers, and a bunch of gnarly muscles.
I sleep like a baby. :)
Years ago before I had any gun, my wife and I we're laying in bed when I noticed the light outside our bedroom came on all by itself :shock: , It scared the hell outta me, I immediately grabbed the first thing I could which was a very small glass lamp and rushed to the bedroom door and was ready to get the BG before he got us, turned out i had a bad light switch, Had that been a burgular a lamp would have been my first defense, but now its a HK USP 45 C. Once my 870 is payed for It will be my first choice for home defense, my wife will use the lamp.. Thats if my Pugs don't get em first :D
Like many here, I live i the boonies and a ways off the road. My first line is an electrified barbwire fence and a second one about a hundred yards closer with auto gate openers. In between is patrolled by 9 Herefords with horns, 1 bull and 4-5 cows, the rest steers. They are only aggressive when a cow is in season or has young calves but they do scare most people. There are motion activated lights inside the second fence along with a yard light. Several dogs of various levels of aggresssion roam the yard and or house but all bark. An alarm system with good locks and thorny bushes under first floor windows round out the outside. Inside are the dogs, telephones, and a homeowner always armed with a pistol backed up by a shotgun, a 30/30 carbine, an M-1 carbine, and a Marlin M-9. Nothing fancy but generally effective.
3 Dogs, 2 Irish Terriers, 1 cocker spaniel. All wusses.

Home alarm system.

Cameras strategically placed. I can view the cameras from all the TV's in the house.

Motion Sensing alarm

12 ga. Wingmaster hopefully replaced soon either by a HD model or a Marine Magnum. All #4 shot

Colt Government .45 ACP
a broadsword and a KBar
ruger p89 with 15 hollow points,stevens 12 gauge with 2 3/4 rifled slug,.22 semi auto long rifle,s&w 38,a few knives,and a couple of strategicly placed bats.prefer the ruger,most comfortable and pretty acccurate with it.although the 12 gauge has a much better intimidation factor.just racking it has thwarted 2 attempted intruders who heard it from outside the window.
Now that's what I like: Steak protecting me!
oh what the heck, I'll join in on this

under my bed is my Savage Model 69RXL Series 'E', 2 #8 in the magazine tube, 7 #8 on the sling, 5 1oz hollow point rifled slugs on the sidekick, and hanging on my nightstand with easy access is my machete with 18" blade that I really sharpened, on my wall is my 42" Excalibur sword, it cuts through a sheet of paper like a hot knife through butter lol, in my nightstand is my Tachyon Balisong (butterfly knife) little over 5" closed, 9" open, 5" razor sharp blade with blood grooves, ok ok I know, how would it be of any help? uh maybe throw it? I dunno lol, and hmm I guess if it came down to it my own 2 fist haha
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