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what choke should i use

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when shooting skeet whats yalls favorite choke you modified or full or what
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There's a reason they call it "Skeet Choke"! :wink:

If your gun came with 3 chokes they would probably be: IC, Mod, and Full. In that case go with IC.

If your gun came with 5 chokes then you would probably have: Cyl, IC, Mod, IM, & F. Go with either Cyl or IC in that case with #8's. If you are using #7.5 then go with IC.

The ideal choke for Skeet is in between Cyl (.00") and IC (.10") which is the Skeet Choke with a constriction of .05" but, if you don't already have one then either of the above mentioned chokes would be fine.
I've got some field O/Us that I choke IC/C. IC in the bottom, C in the top. Works out fine.
My vote for Improved Cylinder or Skeet.
Are we assuming a 12 ga? If it's a 12, I'd shoot .007/.010 or maybe even .008/.012 (under/over, loading one and firing bottom barrel first).
i don't shoot skeet much but man I love a cylinder choke with Fiocchi Crusher's in the 1 oz 1300fps #9's has worked EXTREMELY well for me.

Like I said I am not a Skeet shooter. I like fast shells with hi % of Antimony shot. #9 shot give me more pellets and the Cylinder choke works good for me.

My PERCIEVED lead seems nill to none (yes you can and will get people arguing over this FOREVER) but for me this is what works.

Shot a 24/25 on my 4 game of skeet that way.

Use either a skeet or IC and you are good to go
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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