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I have been using G96 on both my shotguns and pistols.

I generally run a patch with Hoppe's #9 first to dissolve and loosen the burned powder and lead, etc...

The Otis cleaning kit seems to be the best I have ever seen.

Lets hear who uses what?


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(10/21/02 1:47:40 pm)
Re: What gun cleaner/protectant and cleaning kit do you use?
Grease on the action / reciever and nothing/plain oil on any painted surface. If you use oil you get dust that is a pain to get out. So I use oil (after generel cleaning) only in the winter. The paint should protect the gun. The inside of the barells, after they have been cleaned should be nearly dried with a very thin layer of oil, so you do not get any smoke when you shoot the gun.

To store guns for a long time, take the stocks off and cover them completely with grease.

Lard might also work, I was told.
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(10/21/02 1:54:19 pm)
Reply Cleaning Kit
I use the "vodoo kit" myself. A tackle box full of sectioned rods of different dia.s, bore bushes and jags, for which I can assemble any style cleaning thing-ah-ma-bob my little ol'heart desires for the job at hand. I mean I got stuff from yard sales, from my departed father, grandfather and mother. Some stuff is custom made for certain jobs on certain guns. I buy Hop's 9 once in a while to use as a AirWick for the gun room. Gun Oil I get by the quart to refill the little oilers I have on hand. I have a soak tank with plastic cover and air compressor. Heck I bet I could come up with the right stuff to clean a 50 cal. machinegun barr. if I had too. Besides gun drivers, punchs, witness blue, lamp black, touch-up blue, plastic face hammers, lead hammers, lead shot hammers, stones, files and the list goes on...........on. Gun cleaning is a passion to me. There is no kit. G96??? isn't that some kinda spray for cookie sheets or something?? Shells

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(10/21/02 2:39:04 pm)
Reply Cleaning kit
I'm with Howie on this one. I've got tool boxes slam full of rods, bore snakes, brushes, dental picks, swabs, toothpicks, silicone cloths, oil rags, patches, trigger gauges, spring pushers, punches, tap hammers and the like. I also keep another tool box full of the Plano divided boxes filled with spare firing pins, springs, extractors, pins, screws, bead sights, sears, staking tools, detent balls, barrel and piston name it. It goes to the range with me every time. If something breaks, I want to be up and shooting again as soon as possible.
For general cleaning, I generally use a light film of Rem-Oil. If I want to really oil down a firearm for long-term storage, I use Break-Free. It works well for oiling down a firearm that has just been blued, too. I even use it after cleaning my smokepoles and have yet to have one rust on me. I don't use it during deer season, though. It has a rather strong smell.
Tetra makes a grease in a small tube (can't remember what they call it right off hand) that works very well on action bars and magazine tubes on pumps and the rails on a .45 auto. A buddy of mine makes his own oil for his stainless guns. It's an 80-10-10 mixture of:
80% - Automatic transmission fluid (Dextron II)
10% - Castrol motor oil (30w)
10% - Marvel Mystery Oil
He swears by it and says that a little drop goes a long way. You need to make sure you clean all of the oil off of the bolt face before firing, though. It'll really bring the pressures up.

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(10/25/02 9:41:49 am)
Reply Great Stuff!

Break-Free CLP


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(10/29/02 7:51:08 am)
Reply Re: Great Stuff!
Has anyone tried the "dry" lube, I believe Remington makes.

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