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It sounds like you are at the crossroad almost all 4 gun skeet shooters reach. There are sound reasons for either decision, sticking with your 20 gauge or using a 12 auto, some of which have been stated above. What I like about your approach to the problem is that you are willing to experiment and you are thinking things through rather than just throwing money at it. Most if not all of the best shooters in the three clay games have experimented extensively to learn what works for them and to quiet the nagging little voices that make them doubt their equipment. Confidence is a key component in good shooting, like the old saying says "whether you think you can or you can't, you're right".

If you intend to use an auto I suggest focusing on getting one that feels as much like your tubed gun as possible. Don't focus so much on barrel length as on gun fit, balance and dynamics when compared to the o/u. The closer they are in overall feel the easier it will be to switch back and forth. Good luck.
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