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I shoot a Browning BT100 for all singles events. I have modified the gun to fit me better by adding a Jones adjuster and adjustable comb. Prior to owning a true trap gun I used a Remington 870 express with fair success and could never understand why a real trap gun costs so much more than a field grade pump. Now that I own a decent trap gun my average has improved 1 to 3 birds per round but the extra weight this gun has makes it more comfortable to shoot and it also swings smoother than a relatively light field gun. The high rib also makes target acquisition easier than a field type sight system. With the field type sights I would have to blot out the target and with the trap sights I shoot slightly under the target and as such never lose sight of it. The extra length of the trap barrel also improves sighting, lead and swing accuracies.
1 - 1 of 48 Posts
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