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What makes a Beretta AL391 Urika Optima an "Optima&quot

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What special features does the Optima model have that makes it an Optima? Im considering buying one from Galyans, and would like to know.
Thanks for your input.
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As far as I know, the main difference is that the Optima has a slightly larger bore diameter (about .730" I think) as compared to the standard Beretta bore of about .722". Naturally, this means that the Optima choke tubes are a different size from the standard (Mobile Chokes I think they're called) Beretta chokes. That way, the choke tubes will not interchange. :cry:

The Optima also is a little heavier in the front end due to the larger diameter barrel. The wall thickness of the barrels are the same, but the diameter is bigger on the Optima.

Oh yeah, one other difference. The Optima has the letters OPTIMA stamped into the forend wood. Looks gaudy to me, but that's just my opinion. I've heard that some of the Optima's are having problems with the rib shooting loose or curling up. I think the rib is plastic and somehow the rear end is curling up on some of them. Don't mean to scare you, but that's what I've heard from reliable sources. Beretta has been pretty good about replacing the ribs, but you've got to send your gun off and wait on it to be repaired.
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Thanks for the explanation about the Teknys and the rib situation, but I don't see how you can interpret my comments as "bashing" the Optima. I didn't say that ALL Optimas had that problem. I clearly said that only "SOME" had the problem. I just wasn't sure which ones did and which ones didn't. For that matter, how does a buyer today know whether a Teknys he might select might be one that has the problem? According to what I've read, even Beretta can't tell us which ones have the problem because supposedly they didn't keep track of them.

I suppose that if I wanted to BASH the Optimas, I could say that SOME of them have a fake picture of wood over the stock, which is true. I believe this may also be the Teknys, but I'm not sure.

I don't suppose that your opinion of the Optima/Teknys would be colored by the fact that your wife gave you permission (per your own words on your web site) to buy a Teknys a few months ago now would it? :? Perhaps since I attempted to describe the differences in factual terms rather than exclaim how "great" it is, that you consider that "bashing". :cry: I consider it trying to be objective, but feel free to disagree if you wish. Have a nice day. :lol:
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