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What reloader to buy?

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I would like to purchase a reloader. I don't want to spend a lot. Could anyone recomend a reloader to me and where I could purchase it?
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MEC Grabber, E-bay. You'll not be disappointed. Used ones are about as good as new.

How many shells will you be reloading a month?

The type of reloader depends entirely what you want to load (large volume, couple boxes a month, steel shot, etc).

First, find out what you want (a MEC Jr will fit most of your needs). Then...

The one near me ALWAYS has used reloaders lined up for sale (7-8 at any given time) and they are inexpensive. I've gotten two of them in the last year for $50ea.


The date on the original post is April 2003 :shock: !
Well , Clayshooter25/25

Maybe the Site Administrator has had an extended Senior Moment .

Some things get better with age eh?
if things don't get better with age, I AM IN DEEP DOODOO!
Well I think my loader gets better with age but I'm falling apart year after year...
I like the 366s, never ran a progressive MEC or P/W so I can't comment. I bought both of mine on e-bay. Takes patience and luck, but I did get a very good deal both times.

At one time or another I have owned and used just about every make and model of loader except a Spolar. My favorite is still on my bench--a Hornady 366. Anyone need a P/W 900?
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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