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ok fellas heres the deal my uncle got this really nice under and over shot gun from his brother and the only probleum is that it is an older over and under gun, and the forearm is misssing. Also is hard to make out the letters engraved on the gun. On hte butt plate it says fabrica italiano or somethin, and its a 3'' mag. on the barrel its got somethin about harris imports and italy fibs,and what looks like sabttior or sabtii cant really tell any insight would be greatly apprceated so that we can identify the gun and it maker so that we can find a place to buy the forearm, thanks

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my best guess from the Archives.

Info "Current manufacturer located in Gardone, Italy with history tracing back to 1674. Some models are currently imported by European American Armory located in Sharpes, FL.
In 1960, the sons of Antonio Sabatti formed the current company, and manufacture currently includes good quality O/U and SxS shotguns, O/U combination and double rifles, bolt action and semi-auto rifles, and slide action and single shot shotguns. Sabatti should be contacted directly regarding more information and domestic availability on their extensive firearms line-up. "

Sabatti's have had several importers over the years and Harris could easily have been one of them
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