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What was your first shotgun?

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We've had a lot of discussions on which gun to buy for kids. I'm curious as to what was the first shotgun everyone owned, as a kid. Did you like it? Why or why not? -Jay Gentry
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I started out with the Winchester model 12 12gauge. The gun has been very dependable and I still use it over any other gun out there. I began shooting it at age 8. It was easy to use and the safety is a push button which works well for bringing in the habit of using the safety. I noticed that this was brought up in an earlier post. I feel that this gun provides a great place for the safety due to it's easy accessability while in the field. LOL...sorry there shotgunworld...:b Edited by: BigDMan at: 1/29/03 10:34:36 pm
I'll go second (BigDMan beat me LOL).Mine was a K-Mart (Boito I think) single barrel 16ga with external hammer. I was 10 I think. It wasn't much to look at, but I didn't really care. It meant that I was now a hunter and not a 'retriever'. Plus it would eject the empty shell 20 yards behind me, which I thought was really cool for some reason. Since it was a break-open I could also carry it over my shoulder, with it open, like my Dad did his double barrel. That was neat too.Jay Shotgunworld.comEdited by: Shotgunworld at: 1/29/03 10:27:46 pm
My first gun, in my early teens was a Mossberg, bolt-action, 20 ***** with a POLY CHOKE. I loved that poly choke.I wanted something more repeatable, and the bolt action wasn't cool so my dad got me a Remington 870 Wingmaster, when I was about 15.
A Stevens Savage 12g pump, the one with the savage "super choke" on the end. Gun age-? (pre-serial number required era), shooter age-14. Kicked this kid like a stung mule but it was a "real" shotgun- my buddies were all shooting .410's. Put a lot of ducks, grouse, a few pheasants and quail in the pot. Still have it. RC-brings back a lot of fond memories of wandering the hills before I could even drive. Back then you could still hitch-hike with a cased shotgun and get rides from people other than the police.:)
My first "using" shotgun was a Harrington and Richardson Topper in .410, still have it, that little gun put down a lot of rabbits, squirrels , and birds of all types.
My first shotgun was an H&R single shot .410 as well. My grandfather gave it to me when I was 7. It was great for squirrels and rabbits. When I turned 11, my father gave me his Remington 1100 12 gauge.I've still got both of these shotguns and use them a great deal. I don't think that I could part with matter how much money I was offered!
My first shotgun was my Ithaca Model 37 16 *****. I recieved it for my 14th birthday, and many a dove has died due to it.The gun is very light, and therefor it kicks like a mule. Something I disliked about it when I recieved it was the fixed full choke. My skills with a shotgun were lacking then and I was unable to hit much with it.However now that I'm a little more seasoned with a shotgun, it's undoubtably one of my favorite guns. The action is smooth as silk. I can cycle shells through it with little to no effort.I only wish I could find more shells for it. --Wing"Believe me, Delmar, Woman is the most fiendish instrument of torture ever devised to bedevil the days of man!" -- Ulysses Everett McGill, to his friend, Delmar O'Donnell, in O Brother, Where Art Thou?
My first gun was a Savage 67 pump. I like it so much I still deer hunt with it. I got it when I was 12 for Christmas from my dad. He had shot a deer with it and handed it to me (I had a 20ga of his) and told me to wait while he got the truck. He came back 20 min later and I had shot my first deer with that gun while he was gone. That December it was wraped under the tree for me. I plan on my kids using it when they can handle it. Let the dog hunt the birds, ... you hunt the dog.
Mine was a WesternField .410 single shot bolt. Dad work for Wards at the time so he surely got a good deal. Probably about $25 at the time. I still have it although the safety is not good so I will not be passing it down to my son.
my first gun was a 410 rossi it was perfict for me
My first shotgun was the Ithaca model 37 Deerslayer. I purchased it new for $99.00 in 1965. Still have it. I don't think you can find a pump of that quality today.
My first was a Iver Johnson single shot 12ga. where you could shot with your head erect yet. Lots of drop at the heel. M37's are still made that way Deadeyebull. Edited by: Howie1049 at: 1/30/03 7:32:14 pm
the first gun i ever had was a 12 gauge wingmaster. still have it and still hunt with it.
If you are refering to kids of all ages, then my first shotgun was a Remington 870 Express, 20 Ga. Got it when I was a wee lad of 47:lol
I don't remember the actual model, but it was a Stevens single shot 20 *****. My Dad believed (as I do) that a single shot is the best gun to teach a kid to hunt with for a few reasons.#1) One shot - make it count. Rather than emty a magazine full of shells at a pheasant or duck, it teaches the discipline to make one shot count, and I believe that I am a better shot because of this (not I said "better", not "good"!)#2) Safety - Carrying a single shot hammer gun is a safe practice. Carrying an uncocked gun in the field is a safe way to hunt with someone who may not yet be comfortable handling a gun in rough terrain such a s heavy pheasant, grouse or rabbit cover.#3) Lightweight - Easy for a youngster to get used to carry a gun for an entire day in the field. A 7 1/2 lb shotgun gets heavy for a boy to carry all day.My brother now has that gun that I learned to hunt with, so I bought a Winchester Model 370 20 gauge for my boy to learn with when he comes of age. Mike RossLife Member, NAHCMember, National Rifle AssociationMember, Meeker Co. Historical Society
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Mine was a Revelation 12ga Model R310AC. Edited by: nicolisd at: 1/31/03 5:48:57 pm
My first was a Single Shot 20ga Youth Model by New England Firearms. I have never found a shotgun that has kicked that hard since. I got that gun when I was 15.I still have that gun... It now sits in my closet, waiting for the next generation to come along.
First gun was Ithaca M37, 20 gauge, improved cylinder vent rib barrel...yes....I still have it! About 30 years old now!!!
Mine was a Fox BST 20 gauge SXS, nice gun, didn't fit, couldn't hit very well in sporting clays, and kicked the daylights out of me.

Hence the moniker, soreshoulder.

I owned it for nearly 40 years, sold it to my buddy Ed for a quarter of a grand.

And now you know, the rest of the story...

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