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My first gun - an Ithaca 37 I've owned for about 50 years. Originally bought as a rabbit/pheasant hunting gun. At the time, I was advised the choice between the Ithaca and an 870 came down to primary use - go with Ithaca for a gun to be mostly carried, pick the 870 if I planned on using it for targets. I didn't do much target shooting until recently, and it served ok to get me started in a trap league at the club. While recoil with factory loads is punishing, I found 7/8 ounce effective enough from the 16 yard line to get my first straight and much more enjoyable to shoot. I shoot it occasionally at skeet and sporting for fun (I also consider it my rain gun). The only mechanical issue was a broken slide stop pin, which I was able to replace myself.
1 - 1 of 207 Posts