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What's an Iver Johnson Skeeter 12 gauge Worth , are they ok?

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Found an Iver Johnson 12 ga. Skeeter in 90 to 95% condition with factory carving on the stock just behind the receiver .
The gun may have been refurbished but it is in terrific condition ,almost like new . The gun is quite heavy (8.0 lbs.) but looks well made and has nicely figured wood with 26" barrels ic/mod chokes and single non selective trigger .
Are they good guns and is it worth $ 1600.00 , I've seen 20 and 28 gauges lately in no where near this condition going for 2500.00 to 8500.00 on guns america and guns international.
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8lbs is NOT heavy for a skeet gun. The price is fair...
Thanks !!! Are they a good and durable gun ?
The September/October 2007 issue of Sporting Classics had a nice article on these written by Michael McIntosh in which he gives the history of the gun. At the end he says "They are a good case in point to show that popular acclaim does not necessarily tell the whole story of quality". In other word he thinks they are good guns. If you can get the article it is worth reading.
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