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What's the diff???

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What is the difference between a Berretta 390, 391, and the 3901? I have been to the website and do not even see a 390 listed and the 391 models are all a Urika or Teknys model. Is there just a plain 390/391 model? The store I go to carries the 390 & 3901 when they are in stock, but they are not available right now or I could compare them. I know the 3901 is about $200 more than the 390. But they seem like the same gun. Please help....
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Thanks Worc, I missed that your first post. Very informative.
So a 3901 is the same as a 390, with the exception of a rounded receiver and bolt lock lever? Would a 390 still be available for purchase from a retailer as brand new if they came out in 1999? I'm looking at my local store and they have both the 390 and 3901 available for sale from the warehouse with the 3901 being $200 more. It doesn't seem worth the extra money just for the differences mentioned.
It is even more complicated than you think. The differneces between these guns are minor. The internal workings are very similar. I move my trigger from my 390 to my 391 Urika Optima bore SC all the time.

If they have a new in the box 390 for less than the 3901, BUY IT!
Are these guns (390 & 3901) just left overs or are they still being manufactured. I work in a sports warehouse, and these are coming in as new, so I'm curious. Seems like an awfully long time for a gun that came out in 1999 to still be in production. I'm very close to getting my first shotgun, and between these two and the browning Silver is where I am at in my decision process; I've heard alot of good for the Beretta and I like the price of the 390, but if it's just an old gun that's basically left over, I'd rather go with something newer. It seems weird that it's not even listed on Beretta's website, nor the 391. Can you add any more info, or your thoughts?
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