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What's the est autoloader?

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I'm looking into buying a new autoloader.What is you opinion about these four guns:1) Browning Gold Fusion2) Winchester Super X23) Beretta 391 Urika4) Benelli M1Which do you think I should get???
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I'm not a Browning auto fan but the gold is a good gun, especially the the Gold 10ga!.....see belowThe X2 is basically a Browning Gold....."The first new shotgun from Winchester/U.S.R.A.C. in 30 years, the Super-X2 combines the old Super-X Model 1's high-rib profile with the proven gas system of the Browning Gold and Invector Plus chokes. The result is a versatile, soft-shooting, sure-pointing autoloader that handles 2.75, 3" and 3.5-inch loads interchangeably. The Super-X2 comes in wood-stocked, black synthetic and camo-dipped versions. About $846. % 800-333-3288;" from The Beretta 391 is also a good gun, there is a link here: gun has a great showing in all the shooting sports.Now the Benelli M1 Super personal favourite. Recoil operated no gas pistons nor rings to deal with. It is a 3" only gun, but I haven't had a need for a 3.5 and I don't care for the longer receiver and point of the Super Black Eagle, which is 3.5" capable. With the shims that are included you can self adjust the drop of the stock...this feature has been picked up by several other gun's a great idea. It is a snap to clean, the whole thing can be stripped down in no time with no extra tools. There is a fine line between a hobby and insanity.Edited by: Rick618 at: 12/31/02 7:49:43 am
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I have both the urika and the fusion. The biggest difference in these two are the people who buy them, both are great guns and pattern about the same. If your a browning fan get the browning if your a beretta then get the beretta but both will get the job done and with good fashion. I don't know that much about the Winchester. One thing that I do know and this is after working in a gun shop throughout college is this. With Benelli, 60% of the price is the name, the other 40% is quality. I am not saying that they don't make great guns but if you look at the prices of their shotgun compared to other great names like browning or beretta then you will see a $200-$400 increase. My opinion, don't go with benelli, if you want to spens 1,000 plus then go to a beretta a save a little money.
For hunting, I believe Benelli is best. For targets, I believe Beretta is best. If you are doing both, I'd recommend the Beretta. I own both of these.

There are other good autoloaders, but I don't have any personal knowledge to pass on.
They are all great guns. If you are going to do a lot of shooting the Benelli is the easiest to break down and clean. It will require a lot less maintenance than a gas gun since all of he powder residue goes out the barrel and not back into the action.
The Beretta A390 was my first serious gun. It never gave me a lick of trouble. The gas action seems "smoother" to me than the Benelli system, which seems clunky and mechanical, although quite effecient.
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