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whats the opinion on this gun?

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looking for a decent but not too costly semi for my 10 yr. old to shoot sporting clays , trap , and dove hunt with. found a KBIinc/ charles daly semi 20 ga. at what i think is a reasonable price of 300 dollars here on the this a good gun to start him with and is the price right? iv never heard of this company so looking to you guys expertise here. hate to spend a ton of money 10 yr olds grow fast , but he needs something. right now hes shooting a old single shot thats too big for him and he`s getting bad habits which ill have to correct.but i have to let him shoot he`s having too much fun too stop him lol thanks all
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The Remington 1100 in 28 or 20 gauge and "youth" version should be about ideal for your situation. When he outgrows it, you can add a slip-on recoil pad temporarily until you buy him a new gun :lol: . Also this gun would be very easy to re-sell. Someone is always on here looking for the same thing.
Get a used 1100 or 11-87 in 20 GA. You will always get your money back if he hate's it. 11-87's have almost no recoil and point very well. The youth stock will fit better. Stay away from the CD. Parts are had to get. Why don't you see more of them, Huuuummmmm.
I agree. 1100 or 1187. Just bought 1100 youth for my Grandson and he loves it. The resale value of the Remington is a big Plus.
It's hard to beat the Remington 1100. I would buy a regular size 1100 and buy a synthetic youth stock to fit it. When he gets older, all you have to do is put the regular size stock back on. The converse would be to buy the youth and then buy a regular size synthetic. He will have to live with the bigger size longer so the regular size wood, to me, would be best.
I would check for a used 1100. There are plenty of youth 1100s on the used market because people outgrow them but they are popular. If he really likes it you could then get the fullsize stock and a longer barrel later on.
Get a used 1100 in 20 or 28 ga. When he out grows it you can call remington and they will ship you a new stock to your door.
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