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Whats the story on KX-5's??

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I see very few KX-5's compared to dozens of K80's in various configurations. Are the KX's too light? Don't hold Up? Whats the story on the KX-5??

FN in MT
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Your right, there seems to be less KS or X-5's used on the trap range, when compared to K-80 and K-32. I think its the single barrel only configuration. They are lighter and have a bit more recoil inherent to weight. But...many shooters spending $5 to 6000.00 for a trap model are also serious enough to want the double barrels for doubles. Once you break into the 6000 dollar range, whats another 4000 or so for a used K-80 combo. Or its the same money for the Bgun combo's, also the new Guerini combo.

The only KX-5 shooters I know, shoot only singles and caps.

Nothing wrong with the gun. KX's are as reliable if not more than the K-80's. The gun seems to either work well for the shooter or the shooter does not like the gun. No inbetween.

The KX-5 has only been out a couple of years. The K-32/80 has been around for alot longer.
Had one, good gun, but it simply wasn't ideal for my style of shooting and needed something more responsive. They are pretty popular on the East coast, just like K80s are, whereas Perazzis are popular in the West. The new Kolar mid single was built to compete with it, so there's a definate market for tat type of gun.
FN, The KX5 has been around for quite a while. It is the updated KS5 model and considered a mid-single. I have a friend of mine that has shot one for quite a while. They are great guns if they fit you. Very solid and dependable. A lot of them in Texas at the shoots. I shot my buddies and would have bought one had I not wanted a combo gun. Some people want to use a seperate gun for doubles (that way they always have a backup for caps and 16's) and the KX5 fits the bill for a good caps and 16 yard gun. Not as heavy as a K80, but nearly. Very little recoil if it fits you and you don't load slobber knocker shells. One of the sweetest triggers going. Not nearly as complicated in the receiver as a K80. They have an adjustable rib that goes from about 50/50 to 100% high if I am not mistaken and have an adjustable comb. Shoot it and see what you think. I have seen a few around $4100 for a lightly used one. If I get rid of my K80 I will buy one for myself. Hope this helps.

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Thanks for some great information. My K80 shoots 50/50 which is fine for skeet and SC. But doesn't work quite as well for me on rising trap tgt's.
I've got the opportunity to possibly buy a lightly used, 6 month old KX for $4k and it's got some other accy's included. Haven't seen it yet, trying to get that done before I leave for the Holidays. Hoping it's unmolested and as described.

FN in MT
I've never shot one, have a friend who bought the one I did seriously consider. He likes it! I found the Beretta Combo set to be a better option in my case. Heck, even a BT-99 is a lot cheaper. Better?? I dunno, it would have to be one heck of a gun to be better than a BT-99, and it just may be?

Dont know about your club....but at mine I see quite a few KX5's. As a matter of fact there recently has been 5 more come on the scene. Most of these folks have O/U's as well and seem to prefer the single for shooting singles. I have shot one recently and besides it being out of my price range, I found it rather light for my tastes........But then again I'm used to swinging a citori at 8 1/2 lbs so any gun seems light.
If I already owned a K80, I would add an unsingle bbl to it before going to a KX. Cheaper way to go - better gun.
Dont know about a KX-5 but I own a KS-5. It's a "Mid Single" fixed rib, and shoots about 70/30 with a #3 hanger. Mine has an adjustable comb which I like and weighs about 8.75 lbs. The trigger has two external adjustment screws for the "Take Up" and "Sear Engagement". The only thing that bothers me about the gun is the "Locking Lever" cocks the gun and the effort required to open the gun after firing is more than other guns I own or have shot.

It smokes targets very well and is reliable. I consider it my #2 gun behind my Perazzi. I just have to hold a tad higher over the house because the gun is so light. My MX14 unsingle weighs about 10 lbs.
In our area KX5 and Ksf's are plentyful and well liked. I shot a Ks5 for a couple of years and liked the gun.and shot it as well as anything that I ever owned. I split the forend twice from The latch to the foreend iron. I traded it in on a Kolar Combo, that I had fitted to me at the factory.
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