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whats this

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i was dissassembling my mohawk 48 and when i pulled the trigger action out the peice i show fell out and i was wondering where it when and what its purpose was
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I am not seeing any piece... or anything for that matter.
But, if it is a piece of mostly flat metal about 3/8" wide with about a 1/4" hole in it it is a shell latch that goes in the receiver. They are supposed to be staked in place, but when the gun is correctly asembled they can't move anyway. Most decent gunsmiths have the special tool needed to re-stake them in place. Or you can do what I did; Superglue. I did it "temporarily" about 4 years ago, now I don't remember which one it was.
thats it whats its main purpose can i get away with not using it
It keeps the shells in the magazine until they are supposed to come out, so I think you need it.
Those parts are not staked in the 11/48, as a rule, but are held in place manually while fitting the trigger plate assembly into position.
The later models have those similar parts staked in, but the guns with a side button carrier release don't use stakings.

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No you don;t need it. The guy on the asm. line had to much time on his hands so they just told him to stick it in there. DAH :shock:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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