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Whats your Favorite pump shotgun

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Whats your Favorite Pump shotgun
Remington 870 Express1155.00%
Benelli Nova315.00%
Browning BPS210.00%
Winchester 1300420.00%
Charles Daly Field Hunter00.00%
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I am just interested in seeing what everyone picks as their favorite pump shotgun for just multi purpose hunting.
I would have to say the Ithaca 37 classic.
Model 12 Winchester 16 or 20ga for upland or a 12ga for waterfowl....
Don't own one but it would have to be a Winchester Model 12 for a 12GA gun. I do have a Model 42 ! :D So if we are talking all pumps , my vote goes for the Model 42 / Model 12.

I used to have a field grade Model 12 with a 30" full choke barrel (about 90% of 'em came that way). Anyhow, I sold it when they required steel shot for waterfowl (DUMB, DUMB, DUMB !!!) - but at least it went to a good home; the guy I sold it to had a Simmons rib and a beautiful custom stock & forearm put on it and used it for trap.

Bought a Mossberg autoloader to shoot steel... never quite seemed to work for me. After a few years, I sold it and bought an 870 Express... love at first dead duck. But the Model 12 is easily the standard by which all other pumps are to be judged.
What??? No Wingmaster???
I'd have to say a model 97. I know it is not the newest thing out but the gun fits me like no other and I just feel at home shooting it.
Anyone who picks the Daly must have gotten a huge payoff.
I guess this is a write-in campaign? The best isn't even on the ballot! No question about it, Model 12 is THE best! I've got several as well as Model 42s. Got 870 Wingmaster, Stevens something-or-other, and my sons have Ithica and a hi-standard. My dad had a 1300 once, what a miserable excuse for a firearm that was! Anyway, there are many good pump guns, Model 37s, Model 31, Model 97s, 870s, Mossy 500s, I could go on and on, BUT, the Best is the Model 12. Yes I am opinionated, but with good reason!

:) Got to go with the Ithaca 37 in 16 gauge, 26 inch barrel. Easy to carry, points like a dream, and does the job in fine style! Own several pumps, semi-autos, an o/u and a sxs. But, the 37 most often gets the call when it comes to serious hunting.
I have a brand new (to me) old Ithaca model 37 with a 28" barrel and a modified choke, 16 ga. Also has the cool ringtail forearm. It's my favorite by far, though it was built in 1951. Model 12's are indeed great shotguns, but they are overpriced, IMHO. I bought this Ithaca, which is in NRA "excellent" shape, having been fully restored by the factory, for about $395. It's worth every penny, since "as new" would describe it even more accurately. I can only imagine what a model 12 in similar condition would cost, if I could even find one! Six hundred minimum?
Old shotguns

Ithaca 37 and winchester model 12

second Wingmaster 870


Ithaca 37


Wingmaster or the winchester 1300 speed pump.
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Winchester model 12 hands down. Smoothest pump made if you question this hold any well kept model 12 and depress the "pump button" the slide will fall with no assistance.
The model 12 winchester is the only gun I have used for 18 years. It has killed phesants in Kansas, doves in Georgia, And deer in Iowa. I could not ask for a better gun.
I shoot Marlin Model 120s for pump guns, have 2 and 3 barrels. Have one 38"er that I've never tried yet.
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