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When do you start your kids?

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I've seen several post on this and other boards about what shotgun to buy because you son/daughter is interested in shooting (be it trap, skeet, s-clays, hunting or other).

I've seen posters refer to their 10 year olds, 11 year olds, 12 year olds and so on. Remember, a 10 year old is in the 4-5 grade.

At what age did you start you your young one?

Other than age, what else did you consider?

What were they shooting/doing? Trap, skeet, s-clays, hunting, etc (other)

What restrictions did you put one them? One shell at a time, shoot only, when I am directly behind you (most likely trap, skeet etc).

What did you make your young one go through before they handled a shotgun? ie: safty class, 'go with me for 6 mos and watch before you pick up a gun????etc.

How old were they before you considered it a non-event (treated them like you expected to be treated)

How long ago was that? Are they still shooting? What do they shoot?

Have you ever walked off a trap, skeet line because of a young shooter not being properly supervised?

Some one will think of something else. Share it with us.
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My dad started me shooting when I was about 4 or 5. I used a red ryder, and then a daisy powerline bb gun. Then for my 9th Christmas, he bought me a New England Firearms youth single shot 20 gauge. It was the best Christmas present ever to me.
I took me to shoot at an empty milk jug with some 7/8ounce #8s in Win AA. I was scared at first because I had never shot a "REAL" gun before. So he opened the shell with a pocket knife and emptyed all the shot out. Then let me shoot it, no recoil or noise hardly. Then he emptyied about half the shot and then none at all. I had that box of shells emptyed by the end of the day.

I once asked him why he got a 20 gauge because most kids I knew at the time shot .410s. He said "I started with and old .410 bolt action, and I couldn't knock squirrels out of the tops of tall trees like his dads 20 would.
A 20 is less discouraging to young shooters and it will perform like a 12 with proper loads.

After the milk jug, I would shoot any shell in it. My first deer hunt I shot a doe with a Federal #3 buckshot shell and it killed her just fine.
Dad would throw coke cans and bottles in the air for me to shoot at and I finally got the hang of it.
My first time at a 5 stand sporting clays range I shot 15 out of 25, only a year after I started shooting.

10 years later I shoot and take perfect care of my little 20. I have a win. 1300 pump 20 gauge, a Remington 878 12 gauge and a Browning BPS 3 1/2" mag 12 gauge. I still rather have a 20 gauge over a 12, they are just smooth shooting little guns that will perform close to a 12 any day.

And you can't over stress safety.
I took my hunter ed class when I was 9 and it helped me gain more knowledge about firearms.
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