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When do you start your kids?

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I've seen several post on this and other boards about what shotgun to buy because you son/daughter is interested in shooting (be it trap, skeet, s-clays, hunting or other).

I've seen posters refer to their 10 year olds, 11 year olds, 12 year olds and so on. Remember, a 10 year old is in the 4-5 grade.

At what age did you start you your young one?

Other than age, what else did you consider?

What were they shooting/doing? Trap, skeet, s-clays, hunting, etc (other)

What restrictions did you put one them? One shell at a time, shoot only, when I am directly behind you (most likely trap, skeet etc).

What did you make your young one go through before they handled a shotgun? ie: safty class, 'go with me for 6 mos and watch before you pick up a gun????etc.

How old were they before you considered it a non-event (treated them like you expected to be treated)

How long ago was that? Are they still shooting? What do they shoot?

Have you ever walked off a trap, skeet line because of a young shooter not being properly supervised?

Some one will think of something else. Share it with us.
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The rule for my family (and it's a large extended family) is the same as when we were kids. We got BB guns at 9 and our father taught us gun safety with it. When we were 10 we were allowed to go hunting with him but we could only carry the bb gun. We were however allowed to shoot an HR 20 ga. single barrel at clay pigeons as much as we wanted as long as an adult was behind us for safety purposes. We each got our first 20 ga. H&R for our 13th Christmas (4 boys).

We keep the same rules now, my daughter currently has her bb gun and will inherit my 20 ga. next year for Christmas after she turns 13(since I don't have a son to pass it down to). We have been taking our daughters/nephews and nieces out when they turn 10 and they have a ball (every one has sworn to hitting a flushing quail with their bb gun :p ). The bb guns are light enough not to wear them out and their imagination does the rest. In fact we even found a brass bb in one quail which they all took credit for.
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