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where are the quail?

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I would like to know where everyone is seeing all of these quail in washington this year? can anyone direct me to some hotspots?
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The suburbs :roll:

One of the guys that works for my father in Tri-Cities said that he's having pretty good luck in the wetlands around Sunnyside between there and the Yakima Reservation.

Call the local game biologists. Washington has a great Fish and Wildlife website with every name you'd ever want. Those guys are always helpful.
Hey Customstox,
Someone put a Gordon Setter mask on your puppy :shock:

That's a great looking pups you got there. If you're new to the website thanks for coming and welcome to Shotgunworld.

Is he from Llewellen lines? I really like setters, one of my friends has a pup that's being trained right now and we can't wait to get him in the field. I actually think the trainer has fallen in love with his dog and just keeps giving my buddy excuses so he can keep him for corporate client hunts, but I digress.

Again, Welcome and we hope you stick around a while.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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