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where are the quail?

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I would like to know where everyone is seeing all of these quail in washington this year? can anyone direct me to some hotspots?
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I am just south of Wenatchee and have 150+ that I can find in 5 minutes. Probably because no one is shooting at them. I have a new English setter pup I have been working on them, or at least letting them get acquainted.

There are a good number of quail around here this summer. The foothills and any brushy draws have lots of them. Dry summer allowed several hatches.

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Thanks for the welcome, I am about as new here as warm bread. BTW, I overestimated the distance to these birds. I stopped on the way home and got Duff out of the car, 30 yards from my driveway and found 50 of the little feathered buggers. I had to catch him to so I could go home and cook dinner. He really gets excited.

He is a Llewellin, a tri color. My little shadow.
Thanks Mark. Unfortunately, I can't even do any shooting across the road. All sagebrush but in 20 acre lots and a 350 house subdivision across the road. Great place to train the little guy though. We got into 45 or so this evening at 4. he is learning fast.
Quilomene (now that name is familiar, lol - not far from me) there was a tremendous hatch this year. My quail feeding is now serving approximately 200 to 300 and they are eating me out of house and home. May talk to the Game dept and get a trap and move some to an area where they can be hunted. They do that in the city limits of Wenatchee.

North Central Washington is having a good year for birds with the light rain fall we had. Light is hardly the word, it was .5 inches here for 4 months. Lightest ever but we have started off with an early snow so hoperully it will make up for it.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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