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Where can I get a +1 mag extension?

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We have Remington 870's with 14" barrels and a 4-round magazine at my department. There is enough room to fit a 1-round extension on the magazine but I can't find one anywhere. Please help.
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Hey there bob welcome to our Shotgunworld Tacical shotgun forum and I beleive I can help you out some. you can buy the one round combat mag extensions from one of 2 places that offer very goood quality extension and the mag springs and mag spring followers that go with them from either Wilson Combats (Scattergun Technology) (SGT) that is a division under Wilson Combat for he bought them out and made them part of his company. Or you can also go with Vangcomp he makes the basis smae thing either one are very good quality very well made you get your moneys worth.
Anyways they can also help your departmen in another way like when yall have confiscated some shotguns and after they are not needed for the evidense process and instead of destroying them you could have your department send them off to Vangcomp if they are Mossberg model 500 or 590 or Remington 870 pump action, or the Remington 11-87 semi-auto and he does good custom work for fair price can make them as good as new for less then new police shotgun from one of the big 3 manufactures can put out if you go with his basic custom package.
Or you can go with Wilson Combats Scattergun technology if you just going to send remington 870 pump or 11_87 semi- auto for that`s all the shotguns types that Wilsons works on I beleive and they offer a package called REMINGTON STEEL i think that want it called very good price can take a shotgun on it`s last legs and make it like it came fresh from the factory you will have to check the serial number for it will look so goood you wont beleive that it`s the same shotgun if you send them a beat up one you get one back the same shotgun but lookes like it been made all new again it replace all worn parts and if it was one that is so old that it just has a 2 3/4 inch chamber he will fix it so it will have a 3 inch chamber so it can handle all 2 3/4 inch and 3 ich shells and if it so old that it doesn`t haVE the new flex tab shell lifter he will and one of thoes. He will also chop and recrown the barrel to 18 inches or if you do the paper work and get it approved he can even make for your department some NFA shotguns with 14 inch barrles and the 1 inch tube mage extension already added on.
Now one ofther thing if your department doesn`t have any confiscated shotguns the other way he or Vang can help yall is if your department has some old worn out shotguns that you are fixing to have to get rid of cause they old and worn out but your department like some many others is probably ona budget they can take your department issue shotguns and referbish them the same way so here is 3 ways they can help your depratmen either by you just buying some extensions from them or getting confiscated shotguns customised by them or old worn out deparment issue shotguns referbished into like new shotguns.

Anyways I hope this can help you out some and welcome once again to our Shotgunworld Tactical shotgun forum and visit as much as possible you can some times learn things on here and sometims you can even hear about good shotgun bargains and it`s just a good place tohang out and get friendly with the otehr good ole Shotgunworld tactical board members some of the friendlyiest people around.......
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Hello again I almost forgot you can get their mailing information and telephon numbers and all that jazz at each of their web sites for Vangcomp it is and for Wilson Combat it is I forgot to include that in the other message i thinik so here it is here hope this helps you out........
Thanks for the rapid response, both of the companies you list have the +1 tubes that come with sling adapters mounted on them. Which is great but we just bought adapters for all of our guns. Well I guess we will have to eat the cost of the adapters we just bought and go with the Wilson's. Thanks so much for all your help.
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