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Where do you buy a new 1100 Sporting Barrel

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Where do you buy a new 1100 Sporting Barrel for my 25 year old Rem 1100?
I was told by the factory that the unreliable shell ejection of my 1100 was because it was not designed for light target loads. My gun only wants to eject 3 1/4 Dram, 1 1/8 oz shells. It doesn't work with anything else. So the factory said I needed a target barrel for Sporting Clays. Where do you get one and will it fit my 25 year old Rem 1100?
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Well, I would say either Remington or Cabelas. But, I don't think there is any difference in the gas system on any 1100 barrels. First make sure the magazine tube is clean, and also the inside of the gas cylinder, including the two gas ports that go into the barrel. The ports can be cleaned with a pipe cleamer or small drill bit that *just* fits. Make sure the piston and seal (the two rings that slide along the mag tube)are clean and the neoprene O ring seal is in good shape. Wouldn't hurt to put on a new one.

Don't lube amything in the gas system, it'll only collect powder residue. Don't gunk up the bolt and receiver with a lot of grease either--same problem.

I have four 1100s I bought in the '72-'74 time frame and have never had your problem, despite shooting many, many rounds of skeet with them.
Good luck. RW
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