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where to start?

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OK, I have decided to put together my own duplex turkey load. I like the 3" Remington 4x6 load, but think I should be able to increase pattern density with 5x7.5 and if I get this worked out I may just tinker with only 2-3/4 7.5 hevishot.So, I start with the idea of where I want to go. Then I plan on looking at some current load recipes to see what they use vs what I have on hand.For those that are new to reloading or are thinking about giving it a go, that's about the way I start every shell. Either I want to recreate a factory shell or I want to work on a hunting load.Another load that I am going to try is a light 2-3/4 dram 1oz target load, both AA and STS offer this and I have both hulls available. The next step is to check the recipe book for the components needed to push the shell at the desired speed, in this case around 1145 fps and see what I have on hand and make of list of what I have to purchase.
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Rick....Excellent post that shows the reason behind my favorite subject........specialized shotshells. I also like your velocity aim as we found years ago that if the velocity was at, or slightly below the speed of sound that there was no shock/bow wave to deflect the pellets from each other. The velocity is fine with the heavy shot as it retains energy better than fine shot. We tend to lean toward heavy shot that will nail a flushing, etc bird, but still teaar his head off closer it. Best Regards, James
Has anyone reloaded a Bismouth load?
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