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which choke?

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if you were to use only one choke size what would it be?
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It's a big "if" but if I only had a fixed choke gun, or could only afford 1 choke, or I was too lazy to change chokes, yeah "modified"
Light Mod for me.

Modified would be my second choice though.
I have a Stevens 620 with a fixed mod choke, and I have shot very well with that gun from Skeet to 16 yd trap to sporting.
Mod all the way.
Modified. In fact, my gun is multichoke but , 99% of the time i have mod in the gun.
While I shoot LM the overwhelming majority of the time, if I could only have one choke, I'd probably pick IM.
While I shoot IC/LM 95% of the time, if I only had one choke, it would be Modified.
How about a slightly Lt Mod @ .01825 points of constriction? :roll:

There is only one rule: Use enough choke. :idea:
LOL... :D Sera, how do you get 1/4 point of constriction? If it matters, then make mine .2525 as well!!!
While I said Modified, which is what stays in my K80 99% of the time, my Winchester Super X 1 fixed IM is soooooooooooooo sweet. I could live happily ever after with it.

Light Mod ... about .015" to .017" ... surprising to see what you can break with it ... long & short !
It's Light Mod for me. I change the ammo sometimes if they're real close or real far...
George :)
i think a lm and ic are by far the best over all for me but each gun is different and you need to pattern it to find out for yourself. :lol:
No question... if I were limited to one choke in a single-barrel gun, it would be Full. If you miss a close one with full, it's because you missed it. If you miss a far one, or one on edge with a LM, it may not be because you put the pattern in the wrong place.
Well, the side by side has two barrels, two locks and two triggers - so one is IC and the other M and the trigger finger knows which is which. If restricted to just one, it would be LM, but fortunately I don't have to make that choice.
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