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which is best

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You know how there are people that will only drive Chevrolets (like me) or Fords or Dodges.

Well I was wondering if there are people that are that way with ammo.
Anyone out there only shoot Federals or Win. or Rem.???

I used to be a Federal man, but now I can't find them as easy at my local walmart.

Never really compared the 3 but I know they all perform about the same. Like a 150 grain Federal 30-30 rifle load shoots the same as a 150 Rem. Core lokt from my rifle.

Just wondering if you had certain preferences and why do you prefer on over the other.
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I used to be a Winchester man for steel and trap loads, and shot federal lead for upland. I switched to Hevi-shot for waterfowl and upland (it just works better than steel or lead). Since I was then buying Remington I tried their STS loads and I like them, but I could go either way on target loads, AAs or STS. However, Remington does not have a load equal to the Featherlight AA, which I use for close trap.
All the "target" loads are fairly similar. They all shoot about the same. It's more of a preference thing than anything. The AA's and STS's do reload a bit nicer than others though.
I was a loyal "AA" user untill they ruined a perfectly good design by changing it to those new HS jobs that will shoot the base wads out and maybe ruin a good shotgun. :evil:
What happened to Winchester?
first the desecration of the AA hull.
I then was interested in what manufacturers were putting in their
steel shot loads,because on another board, i heard Kent was loading CSD wads in their ammo, which are only supposed to handle #3 steel or smaller,but Kent is loading larger sizes in that wad, and the wads are perforating , exposing the choke and or barrel to steel rub.
So i then cut open one of my brothers Winchester X-pert 3" shells of #2 steel shot.
i subsequently cut apart a federal classic, and a remington nitro steel, and they didn't look too bad at all,
but here's some of the steel shot i found in just one single Win X-pert shell, and believe me, NONE of the shot looked round,most were flattened spheres, this is especially detrimental with steel, because of it's lack of density.

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Ultra---kinda looks like the "bean counters" have been favored over the customers to me. Darn shame that Winchester quality has gone down hill over the last few years---used to be the only thing I would shoot. :cry:
Whinechester (spelling intended) has been going downhill for several years now. Too bad, as they used to be a class operation.

Ultramag, So what your saying is it is not safe for your gun if you shoot the winchester experts. Sh*t I just bought a box of 3 inch number 3's to go duck hunting with, Now from what you said I am kind of sceptical about using them, Because I don't want to ruin my winchester 1300.
Pumpman said:
Now from what you said I am kind of sceptical about using them, Because I don't want to ruin my winchester 1300.
Shooting poor quality loads will in no way "ruin" your 1300. In fact, if UM hadn't posted those pictures, you probably wouldn't have known the difference. Personally, I'm not convinced you will notice the difference AFTER shooting them at ducks either.
Excellent graphic display Ultramag. Should forward that to Winchester and ask them if that is an experimental multi dimensional load or what...

Anyway, back to the initial question: I have gravitated toward Federal loads. I'm just trap so far but will be going out a few times this fall doing some upland bird hunting. Not sure what I'll buy for that, probably whatever is on sale. I've no problem with the Federals feeding or with excessive fouling of the barrel.
UltraMag said:
Thats horrible. I've seen rounder bird droppings than that!
Pumpman wrote

"Now from what you said I am kind of sceptical about using them, Because I don't want to ruin my winchester 1300."

Considering some of your other recent posts I've read, this seems like a good opportunity to use your Mossberg.:wink:
Open up a new world. Get yerself a Mec. loader and you can make your hearts desire. There are many optins in wads,powder,shot and primers. I bet with a little care and some time spent shooting into a 30" peice of news paper(poormans pattern board) you can have the load combo of yer dreams. Most of the time the componets ya buy if their priced in the average range will be what ya get in the better store bought loads.
I'm an avid reloader. My 8567 Grabber definately gets used and abused week after week. I haven't fired a "factory load" out of my gun in months.

I can reload higher quality loads at around half the price (give or take) of factory loads. Plus I can load EXACTLY what I want which is nice.
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