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I'd like to buy a book about the Model 12 with disassembly instructions. Any other info is welcome. I've found the following books. Do you recommend any of these or another?

The Winchester Model Twelve
by George Madis
176 pgs.

Winchester Model 12 Sequence of Take-Down and Assembly Operations
by Winchester
116 pgs.

Handbook for Winchester Model 12
by Ian Skennerton
35 pgs.

Is the first one all I'm ever going to need? Thanks in advance for any help.

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The "Winchester Model 12 " by The late George Madis is basically a book about the history fo the Model 12 and it's many variations and years of manufacture etc. Its a great book for the collector of Model 12's. The Winchester Model 12 take down/assembly book is a very good book for using as a guide to do some of your own repairing of the gun. This book is generally a Zerox copy of the original so make sure that it is good readable copy and that you can see all the references ,notes etc.
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