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Which Pad? Terminator or Kick-eez?

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I need to shorten my stock a bit and use a 3/4" recoil pad. Any preference and why? Will be on a skeet gun with tubes and I shoot the 20ga in the 12ga event.
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I'm sure they both make models that are similar but the examples I have of each manufactures are very different. The Kick EZ pad on my "trap guns" are the deeply serated style, almost like the soles of a basketball refs shoes. Makes for a good non slip mount for a trap gun. The Terminator pads I have are not as concave and basically smooth finished and definatley softer. I have one kick ez thats been on a gun for over 10 years and still looks like new. I have a couple of Terminators that have shown wear in just 2 seasons. You will have to accept the trade off of a softer pad not lasting as long.

kick ez or pachmeyer. A pad will add some weight and change the balance a little. the kick-ex is fairly heavy, but does a good job of recoil reduction. The pachmeyer sporting clays pad is a nice trim pad with a hard spot on top to prevent the pad catching on clothing, etc. I like it.
Forgot to add: I like the new "wedge" shaped or "tapered" kick-eze a lot. I have a 3/4" one on my main gun. It looks funny in the catalog picture, but it sure mounts and fits my shoulder great. I actually like it better for mounting the gun than the pachymeyer clays pad.
Limbsaver is another one to consider, works great.
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