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Most ammo is way better than most shooters :cry:

As this seems to be a social shoot rather than an International FITASC competition, I would let your wallet be your guide.

If you get some 7½ or 8 shot size with any recognised brand - Remington, Winchester, Federal, Estate, Olympia are US Brands,
you won't go wrong, if the crowd are anti-French don't get Nobel.

I'd go for 1 oz loads if you can find them, they smack the clays not you.

You may be a tad overchoked, esp. for targets under 20 yards, but that may not be something you can easily change ? If you hit a target under 20 yds witha full choke it wil be VERY dramatic and satisfying :lol:

Have a blast

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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