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Both are good choices and would suit your needs. If you live in a state that requires the use of a shotgun during deer season then you can get the 870 super mag combo that comes with a rifled deer barrel. If you are on a budget you could also look into the mossberg 500 if you do not need the 3 1/2 in". The nova is a great new gun with some real neat features and would definitely be a workhorse as would any of the guns mentioned here. Ithica would be a good pump to look into, especially if you are left handed because of the bottom ejection. Look on the used gun racks for the 870, there are plenty of them to be had and used hard. And the price on some is the best part. The most important thing about a shotgun is the feel of the gun and wether it feels good to you, so go to a store and handle as many of them as you can. Any of these guns would last you a long time and should do anything you need done. Read some of the other posts and look at opinions on the guns and others. Other opinions and suggestions are sure to follow. Rembrwn
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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