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One thing to keepin mind, with the excepion of the nova, is that you can buy incerts/shimms to adjust the fit of the stock to suit you can't do this to the benelli because the stock&reciever are molded one piece. Out of the two choices you pressented,I would chose the nova,I personally think the action is smoother and it cycles a little faster.If memmery serves me right, when my hunting partner bought his,he had the option of buying a slug barrel,not a 100% for sure ,but I think he did. My only peice of advise would be to chose one with a reputable name,REMMINGTON,WINCHESTER,MOSSBERG,BROWNING,BENNELLI,and the offten over looked ITHICA MODLE 37(witch can now be bougt with a 3 in. chamber and steel receiver)I also agree with rembrwn,check out the used rack for the best deals.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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