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I own two of the older model 25077. Mine came with the standard 4 shell magazine tube equipped from the factory with a Remington 2 shell extension below an 18 1/2" barrel. Mine have the older "J" safety which I have converted to a Vang-Comp big button safety, and I have replaced the MIM extractor with a machined steel one. A very nice feature of these older 25077 models is that the standard length magazine tube came from the factory without dimples to accommodate the included magazine extension, this offers excellent flexibility.

One of them is presently configured for home defense in my "Man Cave". It eats Federal LE132-00. I have replaced the standard buttstock with a Remington youth buttstock, and the forend is a Surefire 918FA. I find the gun to be annoyingly front end heavy so I added washers to the entire length of the stock bolt to add some rear end weight. The receiver wears an SOE velcro 6 shell side saddle, and a 5 shell buttstock sleeve.

The other one is presently wearing a 24" vent rib barrel and doubles as a loaner clay games gun, although turning it back in to a defensive shotgun is very simple and only takes a few minutes.
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